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Verum Herb. The best of what Nature has to offer.

The unique aroma, authentic natural taste and all the beneficial properties of herbs that stimulate the senses and boost physical and spiritual wellness.

With deep faith in the power of nature and its products, which have recently regained their popularity not only among ordinary people but also among scientists due to their healing powers, Verum Herb brings out the best of Greek nature and offers a natural and completely healthy alternative to detoxification, relaxation and wellness issues.
This is because the products of Verum Herb contain no artificial or chemical components, preservatives or additives. They are the result of organic farming, in rested lands where pesticides or chemical fertilizers have never been used.

In the property of Verum Herb, the botanical treasure of the Greek land offers high quality aromatic plants which are enjoyed in the form of herbal tea - hot or cold - and revitalise, soothe and relieve the body of various annoyances or diseases, while simultaneously offering aroma and special taste and flavour to your food.



This was written after studying the following literature:The Herbal Handbook (David Hoffman) and Rhizotomos (Sophia Rizopoulou).



hotHot beveragecold2

Place 2 teaspoons of the herb of your choice in a cup, and add hot water. Cover the cup and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Strain and add honey or lemon to your liking.

Cold beverage

Prepare a strong hot tea Verum Herb (4 teaspoons of herb). Pour 2-3 ice cubes into the hot tea and stir for a while in order for it to obtain a uniform temperature. Then, fill a glass with ice cubes and add the tea. You can experiment by adding citrus fruit, herbs or anything else you like.


tic1 greenTo enjoy a delicious Verum Herb beverage, always use fresh water just below the boiling point (80 ° C - 90 ° C).

tic1 greenCover the cup well, so as to avoid the evaporation of essential oils, enjoying to the maximum all the aromas and the beneficial properties of the Verum Herb aromatic plants.

The organic farmland of Verum Herb can be found in Faskomilia, Thesprotia, under the endless blue sky, near the Ionian and in ideal climatic conditions stretching over an area of approximately thirty acres. All the beauty and harmony of nature unfolds there, in the form of aromatic plants and herbs that delight the senses with colours, scents and flavours.

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Why go organic ?
....because it is not a luxury,
it is promoting healthy living and wellness !