Our Land

The organic farmland of Verum Herb can be found in Faskomilia, Thesprotia, under the endless blue sky, near the Ionian and in ideal climatic conditions stretching over an area of approximately thirty acres. All the beauty and harmony of nature unfolds there, in the form of aromatic plants and herbs that delight the senses with colours, scents and flavours.

Our little secrets that make our herbs unique.


In the property of Verum Herb our cultivation is organic, using traditional cultivation techniques, healthy seeds and plants, taking into account the biological balance and avoiding any kind of environmental pollution from agricultural activities. With in-depth knowledge and respect for the environment we maintain optimal cultivation conditions, without interfering with nature, just as our ancestors did. Only in this way are the plants able to deliver the maximum of their beneficial properties.
We know that the most basic and crucial factor for successful organic farming is the soil, so we choose healthy land, free from chemical poisons, live, with multiple microorganisms living together in harmony with all living beings inhabiting in and on them. Soils rich in organic and inorganic components.


In Verum Herb harvest takes place on sunny days and the appropriate time for each plant and herb. With attention, love and care, we gather the most suitable parts of plants and herbs by hand, in order not to injure the plant so it can blossom again.


Drying plays the most important role in the preservation of the essential oils and active substances of the herb. In verum herb we chose the traditional drying method, following in the footsteps of our grandmothers. In natural and steady air and shading conditions, thus in a well ventilated and warm place with constant temperature and dry air, under shade and no humidity. Only then can the herbs retain all the flavour and their beneficial substances to the greatest possible extent, until the moment you of consumption.

Storage - Packaging

The storage and packaging of aromatic plants after the harvest is done on the premises of Verum Herb in the traditional settlement of Margariti.
The plants are stored in specially designated areas, at an appropriate temperature, humidity and hygiene conditions, as required by the regulations of modern food safety and management systems.
The careful, ecological and well thought out packaging of Verum Herb protects and preserves the product and its characteristics.

The natural and traditional way of cultivation, harvesting and drying of the aromatic plants and herbs of Verum Herb, result in plants that are rich in essential oils in order to provide natural aromas, delicious flavours, and retain all their special features.

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Why go organic ?
....because it is not a luxury,
it is promoting healthy living and wellness !