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Faskomilia, Thesprotia…poioi eimaste4

... in the organic farm of Verum Herb, a short distance from the whisper of the breeze and the saltiness of the Ionian Sea, where the winters are sweet and the summers are hot, Greek Nature painted a paradise of plants and herbs, full of aromas, flavour and natural healing properties.

There, in the “hills of the sun”, ten years ago, Maria Komini discovered the wealth of the Greek land and initially began collecting wild herbs and aromatic plants. Later, she decided to experiment and start the very first organic farm in the prefecture of Thesprotia. The experience and knowledge she gained from her involvement in this was passed on to her daughter Sophia, who she introduced to the secrets and beauty of herbs and aromatic plants of the Greek land.

The creation of Verum Herb, a family organic farming business in an area of thirty acres, by Sofia Komini, marks her decision to continue to expand and systematize the cultivation of herbs and aromatic plants with a Greek identity and a long history. Authenticity and tradition guide her in this effort. Her ambition is to produce high quality natural products.

Our Philosophy

The return to the authenticity and truthfulness of the Greek nature and the traditional culture of natural herbs and aromatic plants.

Our Vision is
The development and expansion of organic farming and the creation of new products, the combination of different authentic herbs and aromatic plants so as to increase their beneficial qualities.

Our logo
Verum Herb, means the true, authentic herb. It means organic farming in ideal climatic conditions, in the relaxed and hospitable Greek soil. It means respecting the environment, history, present and future of the Greek land. It means high quality aromatic rich in in essential oils and unique aromas.

Verum Herb offers the most natural product, closer to what exists in nature, without treatment, without chemicals, dried in natural conditions and proper packaging.

The organic farmland of Verum Herb can be found in Faskomilia, Thesprotia, under the endless blue sky, near the Ionian and in ideal climatic conditions stretching over an area of approximately thirty acres. All the beauty and harmony of nature unfolds there, in the form of aromatic plants and herbs that delight the senses with colours, scents and flavours.

P.O 460 30 - EPIRUS - GREECE

+30 698 082 6070
Email: info@verumherb.com

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Why go organic ?
....because it is not a luxury,
it is promoting healthy living and wellness !